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Whats the Buzz?

Mac OS X is coming. Partners are ready. But some Apple divisions will be late to the big launch.

Look Whos Talking: March 19, 2001

What inspired a cover story on Apple Computer? It started when one of our curious editors, Suzanne Deffree, asked me whether Mac OS X would impact our readers.

Apples Missteps

The late 1980s and mid-1990s led to one operating-system disappointment after another.

Operator No. 9: January 15, 2001

There's something about having an almost mythological figure stand up and introduce a bunch of new stuff to remind you why being part of the technological revolution is cool.

The Other Trends to Watch

What's up for next year? In a time of great uncertainty-from the presidential election to the bumpy economic warnings-there is nervousness in the tech industry and beyond.

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