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Microsoft to Shield Azure Cloud Customers From Patent Troll Lawsuits

The Azure IP Advantage program uses the company's patent portfolio to shield Microsoft's cloud customers from litigation by patent trolls.

TiVo's Analytics Pinpoint Highlights of Super Bowl LI

TiVo uses second-by-second data and measurement tools to rank the top commercials from this year’s championship game.

eWEEKchat Feb. 8: Can AWS Lead Way in IoT as It Did in Cloud?

Please join us Feb. 8 for an eWEEKchat about AWS GO and other new-generation applications that require no human intervention and raise new questions about data privacy.
Power BI IoT Analtyics

Microsoft Enables Real-Time IoT Dashboards in Power BI

Power BI's real-time streaming datasets is now generally available, allowing users to load up their dashboards with information from their IoT devices.

What the Wikibon Community Expects for IT in 2017

The current period of digital transformation needs to be understood not in terms of management problems, but in simple prescriptions.
Google Data Visualization 2

Google Open Sources Data Visualization Tool for Machine Learning

Google's Embedding Projector web applications will give developers a way to visualize how well their machine learning systems are interpreting data.  

MapR Launches Analytics Package Backed by Data Scientists

The core of the MapR Customer 360 QSS is to plan and execute machine learning models to address key digital marketing imperatives for the CMO.
Daily Briefing 1121B

Nvidia, OpenAI to Collaborate With Microsoft's AI Efforts VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Microsoft's AI efforts get a boost from Nvidia, Elon Musk's OpenAI; Mozilla introduces Firefox Focus browser for IOS Privacy; Google seeks to make job searches easier with new cloud API; and there's more.
Election Polling Erros 2

Old School Polling Methods Hid Trump's Popularity With Voters

ANALYSIS: Traditional data sampling and analysis methods that worked well for decades suddenly failed during the Presidential election of 2016 because the world changed.
Data Engineer Certification

Google Launches Professional Data Engineer Certification Program

Google officials say the certification will validate an individual's readiness to help companies extract value from business data.
Hurricane Data

Using Big Data to Track Hurricane Evacuations

NEWS ANALYSIS: Cities and states in the areas of the Southeastern United States hit by Hurricane Matthew were proactive in ordering evacuations, but did it work?

6 Considerations for a Successful Enterprise IoT Strategy SLIDESHOW

McKinsey's "Unlocking the potential of the internet of things" report indicates that the market for IoT could reach $11 trillion by 2025, and stands to transform existing business models through predictive maintenance, better asset utilization and higher productivity. In today's competitive...

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