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Cloud analytics

Why Big Data Analytics in the Cloud's Time Has Come SLIDESHOW

While CRM software and applications like payroll and expense reporting have moved steadily toward the cloud, business intelligence (BI) and big data analytics have been slower to follow the lead. But as the cloud becomes more mainstream, all signs point to "go" for analytics to get out of the...

Facebook Unleashes Big Data Workload of News at F8

Social network unveils Chatbots for Messenger, expanded development tools, a design for a 360-degree 3D camera, and a 10-year plan of development action.
Open Network Insight

Open Network Insight Project Builds on Big Data to Improve Security

The open-source effort, which is backed by Cloudera, Intel, eBay and others, is seeing early adoption, as organizations aim to gain the upper hand on attackers.
datacentric security

BlueTalon Brings New-Gen Security Layer to Hadoop Systems

BlueTalon provides a software package that secures all data streams into a Hadoop instance from wherever they emanate.

AtScale Tackles BI on Hadoop User Security

With the release of AtScale Intelligence Platform 4.0, the company is removing barriers that are keeping enterprises from running analytics tools directly on Hadoop.
Microsoft Big Data

Microsoft Expands Its Cloud Big Data Analytics Lineup

A new preview of R Server for HDInsight, upgraded Spark for HDInsight and the general availability of Azure Data Catalog headline Microsoft's announcements at Strata + Hadoop World.
Marketing Analytics 2

Google Releases Cloud Marketing Analytics Suite

Google's Analytics 360 suite joins products from Adobe, Salesforce, Oracle and others in the fast growing marketing analytics field.
Analytics solution

Six Considerations for Choosing the Right Analytics Solution SLIDESHOW

Data is an important asset and can be part of a strategic product offering. In fact, companies are increasingly using data as a monetization tool. In fact, the Economist Intelligence Group estimates that 60 percent of organizations are already generating revenue from their data and will continue...
Power BI

Mobile Power BI Users Can Now Dig Deeper Into Their Data

Users can now use their iPhones to dive into reports created in Microsoft' cloud-powered business intelligence software.

Caringo Launches Converged Object Store for Big Data Loads

In an industry in which 30 percent to 40 percent usage of storage capacities is common, using 95 percent capacity is revolutionary.
Big Data Documentary 2

Panel Debates Ideas Covered in 'Human Face of Big Data' Documentary

A TV show about big data? That may sound like something you’d find on a cable channel reserved for data scientists and academics, but it’s not.
Big Data Spying 2

Big Data Analysis Makes Breaches a Greater Threat to Cyber-Security

NEWS ANALYSIS: While the theft of employee information is a problem for the staff at government agencies, the fact is that it's also a threat to national security once it's part of a big data research effort.

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