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Microsoft Releases Dynamics CRM 2016 With New Analytics Features VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Microsoft launches Dynamics CRM 2016; Encryption ban wouldn't have affected Paris attackers' plans; VTech hacker obtains kids' photos, chat logs; and there's more.
Machine Learning 2

Machine Learning Shaping the New World of Cognitive Computing

FEATURE:  Big data, analytics and the cloud converge to give rise to advanced solutions such as machine learning for new enterprise insights.
processing logs in Google cloud

Google Explains How to Use Its Cloud Services to Process Logs at Scale

Google aims to show enterprises how to process logs from many sources and extract meaningful information by using Google Cloud Platform and Google Cloud Dataflow.
Big data turkeys

8 Big Data Turkeys and How to Keep Them From Giving You Heartburn SLIDESHOW

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and as we gear up for Thursday's feast, it's normal to expect a few turkeys this week. Although, today we're not talking the delicious turkeys with savory gravy that everyone loves on Thanksgiving. Rather, we're talking about big data turkeys, and the...

Qylur System Uses Big Data to Improve Levi's Stadium Security

New technology that is landing at Levi's Stadium takes a robust approach to physical security.
Streaming data

7 Companies Streaming Real-Time Data to Drive Innovation SLIDESHOW

Now that big data is a reality for businesses of every size, companies must seek technologies that bring data into view in real time to be competitive. New technologies—including Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, in-memory databases and in-memory file systems—are innovative approaches to streaming...
Analytics Cloud 2

New Relic Aims to Make Big Data Access Easier With Analytics Cloud

Software analytics firm New Relic kicked off its user conference with the announcement of more visual tools to discover data insights through its Analytics Cloud for big data.
Big data rush

10 Pitfalls That Can Undermine Big Data Analytics' Potential SLIDESHOW

The honeymoon phase of big data analytics is beginning to end. After the initial whirlwind romance with flashy demos and sleek visualization tools, businesses are now coming to terms with the reality of implementation. In many cases, it isn't going well. Why? No specialty analytics tool can...
Republica Debate Analysis 2

Big Data Analysis of Debate Shows Ted Cruz Grabbed Viewers' Attention

NEWS ANALYSIS: An expanded analysis of voter sentiment and reactions to the Republican candidates' debate conducted by CNBC on Oct. 28 produced some surprising results.
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Microsoft Releases Project Oxford Machine-Learning Beta VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Microsoft Project Oxford natural-language machine-learning beta debuts; Chase to launch its own mobile payments service; IBM buys The Weather Company's digital assets; and there's more.
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Oracle, Intel Aim to Take On IBM in the Data Center VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Oracle, Intel target IBM Power with migration program; Cisco exposes, helps patch multiple NTP vulnerabilities; IBM launches data insight services with Twitter, The Weather Company; and there's more.
Databases and big data

Why Relational Databases Don't Handle Big Data Well SLIDESHOW

Enterprises are confronting the reality of big, fast, varied and changing data. It's no longer about managing a small number of systems, but rather hundreds of systems and petabytes of data. Smart companies know that managing large volumes of structured and unstructured data, known as big data,...

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