Best in Show: Judges

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Best in Show: Judges

Cloudability manages and monitors cloud costs in one place. It aggregates cloud expenditures into accessible and comprehensive reports to understand and manage costs, reduce waste, and identify opportunities for cost savings with alerts and efficiency recommendations. As a member of the Amazon Web Services provider program, Cloudability supports more than 80 cloud service providers, and offers JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and XML APIs for connecting cloud billing and usage data to any business or financial system. Cloudability is located in Portland, Ore.

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Best in Show: Audience

Piston Cloud is an enterprise OpenStack company. Founded by several of the creators of the OpenStack Cloud IT infrastructure service, the company acts as a liaison between the businesses that deploy OpenStack and the open-source community that develops it. Piston Cloud's core product, Piston Enterprise OS, combines all the features of OpenStack: a hardened and secure custom-built Linux operating system, Piston Cloud's unique Null-Tier Architecture and advanced security features. Piston Enterprise OS enables organizations to build a secure, highly available private cloud with all the features of OpenStack in less than 10 minutes using off-the-shelf hardware. Piston Cloud is based in San Francisco.

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Best in Show, Mobile Access: Judges

Duo Security's hosted two-factor authentication service brings strong, scalable security to organizations of any size. Duo's high-availability architecture provides centralized management, self-service enrollment and interactive secondary log-in through an intuitive Web interface that eliminates the high costs, complexity and confusion associated with traditional two-factor systems. About 500 organizations in 40-plus countries around the world already use Duo for their security. Duo Security is located in Ann Arbor, Mich.Â

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Best in Show, Mobile Access: Audience

Framehawk makes software that enables enterprises to quickly develop and deliver secure mobile client apps for their critical business applications. With the Framehawk platform, enterprises can provide high-fidelity native client apps for the iPad, Android or whatever device users choose, ensuring LAN-like performance even over unreliable mobile networks. Framehawk lets organizations leverage new or existing applications, blend public and private content, while preventing data leakage by never allowing data to leave an enterprise's data center. Framehawk is based in San Francisco.Â

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Best in Show: Performance Monitoring

Sumo Logic is the next-generation log-management and analytics company that leverages big data for real-time IT insights. This cloud-based service provides customers with real-time log intelligence and analytics at unprecedented petabyte scale. The Sumo Logic service is powered by patent-pending Elastic Log Processing and Log Reduce technologies, and transforms big data into actionable insights for IT operations, application management, and security and compliance. The Sumo Logic service is highly cost-effective, can be deployed instantly, scales elastically and requires zero administration. Sumo Logic is in Mountain View, Calif.

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Best in Show, PaaS: Judges

Cabana is a browser-based mobile app development platform and API that streamlines the way apps are built. Cabana achieves this through the combination of a highly visual drag-and-drop development environment, an innovative graph-based visual programming system and the Cabana Exchange, a component marketplace that contains functionality from some of the top mobile app service providers. Cabana's Appification API enables third-party sites to offer custom app creation to their users with the press of a button. Cabana is based in San Francisco.

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Best in Show, PaaS: Audience

StackMob is the industry's first cloud-based mobile platform that helps developers create a mobile business by letting them easily build, deploy and grow full-featured applications. StackMob features front-end HTML5 and robust back-end services that cut development time from months to minutes so developers can focus on creating high-caliber apps with quality user experiences. StackMob enables developers to easily create and manage APIs, extend APIs with custom code, build using the development and production environments, and add business applications like customer development messaging, social integration and analytics. StackMob is located in San Francisco.

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Best in Show, Database Scalability: Judges

ScaleArc is a pioneer in a new category of database infrastructure software that simplifies database deployment and operations while reducing costs without requiring changes to applications or database structure. The ScaleArc iDB software abstracts database servers from application servers to provide instant horizontal scaling and connection management, and enables real-time visibility into every query. This provides real-time analytics and instant troubleshooting, one-click query caching, and wire-speed security enforcement among other benefits. ScaleArc is located in Menlo Park, Calif.

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Best in Show, Database Scalability: Audience

MemSQL is a scalable, memory-optimized database that is 30 times faster than relational databases on disk. By maintaining a MySQL interface, MemSQL is instantly accessible to millions of developers yet still offers significant improvements in read and write performance that modern workloads require. MemSQL is a Y Combinator company that raised $2.1 million in venture capital in 2011. MemSQL started up in San Francisco.

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Best in Show: Big Data

Metamarkets enables online companies to improve monetization and user engagement. The company's leading-edge analytics platform delivers real-time insight on Web-scale data in a way that is easy and appealing for business users. Customers are able to get started quickly and scale easily using Metamarkets' cloud-based solution. Metamarkets is based in San Francisco.

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