Linux Distributions: A More Egalitarian Oligarchy's updated 2004 Desktop Linux Market survey presents data on distributions, windows managers, e-mail clients, Web browsers and more. had questions, and 3,841 readers chimed in with their answers. Weve gathered the data on distributions, window managers, e-mail clients, Web browsers and more in the 2004 Desktop Linux Market survey—and some of the results are surprising!

Please note that while we make every effort to increase result validity by limiting responses to a single submission per IP address, respondents are self-selected, and we have minimal control over multiple or dishonest voting.

Additionally, our market-share results are not meant to reflect upon the commercial success of individual companies. For other perspectives, as well as commercial market-share figures, recommends market analysts such as International Data Corp. and Gartner Inc., among other capable sources.

Now, we invite our readers to review our observations, analyses and prognostications, and weigh in with your own analysis of the data using the talkback thread provided. Enjoy!

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