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eWEEK Labs Walk-Through of VMware Fusion SLIDESHOW

VMware's new Fusion product does a good job making Windows applications available to OS X. Join eWEEK Labs on a tour of Fusion's highlights.

IBM Builds Blade-Powered Superclusters

IBM is rolling out new prepackaged and pretested superclusters that include its blade server technology.

Reader Response: Service Matters

Readers respond to Jim Rapoza's May 19 article "Service Matters."

Gateway Grid Used in Diabetes Research

The American Diabetes Association is using Gateway's grid program to run a compute-intensive application designed to accelerate diabetes-related research.


|, a finalist in this year's Excellence Awards program, is among the most complete CRM packages we've tested and is especially well-thought-out for the hosted space.

IBM, Cisco to Extend Grids

IBM has enlisted help from networking vendor Cisco Systems Inc. to build out its grid computing vision.

Mainframes Readied for Grid

IBM is bringing new grid computing capabilities to its line of mainframe systems.

Bringing Grid Computing to the Mainframe

Grid computing companies DataSynapse and Platform Computing are making their grid computing products available on IBM's eServer zSeries line of high-end servers.

Texas Computing Center Buys IBM Supercomputer Cluster

The center will use the cluster to help improve oil-drilling techniques.

Apple Unveils Cluster Xserve Configuration

Cluster configuration includes a lot of the features found in its full-size counterpart, but for $1,000 less. Readies Back-Office Apps

Module rollouts are scaled back; Benioff says company is profitable. Reaches Profitability

The CRM software provider is readying new hosted back-office application services.

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