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Hosted CRM Targets the Enterprise

| will enhance its offering's integration, security and data sharing capabilities.

Speedera Closes Ranks With Partners

If you ask Speedera Networks executives how they view the content distribution marketplace, they will tell you that the race is down to two horses, Speedera and Akamai Technologies, and they say Speedera is the channel partners' best bet.

Feel the Power of the Computer Grid

The networks are now used for research, but commercial grids are not far away.

Fast Breaks Newsfront: August 6, 2001

IBM is working to make supercomputing resources available to anyone through its work on grid computing, which will deliver computing power much like a power company delivers electricity.

What Matters in E-Commerce

Part 2. Last week, I tried to explain why I think so many online businesses have been failing: I attributed the failures to a lack of consumer demand for Internet-based services when traditional retail and service outlets serve just fine.

#1 Akamai

Taking content delivery to the edge

Tools Keep Track of Servers

Veritas offerings aimed at easing management, monitoring, maintenance

DiamondCluster International Inc.

When we last looked in on DiamondCluster, the business-strategy and technology-solutions company was sorting out last year's acquisition of Cluster Consulting and counting its multiple blessings.

Amazons Disappearing Act?

In its push to reach profitability, could end up vanishing.

Amazons Poor Returns

It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now's enormous investments in partner online retailers are proving to be lead weights around its ankles.

Critics Bash Davis Power Grid Plan

As blackouts continue wreaking havoc on California, industry leaders are becoming increasingly critical of Gov. Gray Davis' plan to buy the transmission grid from the state's cash-strapped utilities.

Ravia Suria

Bond analyst, Lehman Brothers Holdings

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