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Bing mobile search Gets a Mobile Makeover

Bing is now sporting a new look on smartphones, a move the company claims will provide a better search experience while on the move.
Microsoft Bing and Getty Images

Microsoft, Getty Settle Bing Image Widget Suit and Form Partnership

After bringing the copyright infringement case to a close, Microsoft and Getty Images enter into a technology-sharing agreement.

Russian Search Firm Accuses Google of Anti-competitive Practices

Google should unbundle search from its other services, Russian search engine firm Yandex says in a familiar refrain.
Bing Academy Award predictions

Bing Predicts the 2015 Academy Awards

Microsoft turns its predictive analytics tech on Hollywood as Oscar night approaches. We'll find out in a few days how accurately Bing predicted the winners.

Splunk Gets More Intuitive With Its Big Data Platform

Splunk ostensibly will become a kingpin in indexing, monitoring and making usable scads of data that the IoT will foist upon us in the coming years.

Alibaba Instantly Becomes New Power Kid on the IT Block

Alibaba's $232 billion early valuation makes it on paper more valuable than eBay (market cap $65 billion) and Amazon ($153 billion) combined.
Microsoft Bing Image Search

Microsoft Launching Tablet-Friendly Bing Image Search Update

In addition to pointing and clicking, improvements to Bing Image Search include a dynamic site design that is optimized for touch.
Microsoft Bing natural language search

Microsoft's Bing Search Wants to Strike Up a Conversation

Microsoft's latest trick involves turning Bing's natural language search capabilities into ongoing chats. The company wants users to ask follow-up questions.
Google Translate

Google Asks Language Lovers to Help Refine Translate Services

Google has created an online community where language lovers can contribute their expertise to continually refine Google Translate services.
Google secure search

Google Search Experiments With HTTPS as Ranking Factor for Sites

Since HTTPS Websites are more secure, Google is looking at the idea of using that feature as another way to rank safe sites higher in Google Search.
Bing update for developers

Microsoft Updates Bing Search to Appeal to Developers

Microsoft issues developer-friendly updates that are designed to make it easier to find code snippets or search for answers using special characters.

Microsoft Improves Bing Maps Rendering

A couple of subtle changes aren't just eye candy. They add a lot of usability and clarity to Bing's online maps, says Microsoft.

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