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Google Faces Renewed Focus by EU in Antitrust Case

Google could need to agree to additional conditions as part of a proposed antitrust settlement agreement in the EU that has been on the table for five months.
Google legal

Google Working Out Specifics of EU's 'Right to Forget' Law

Google's chief legal officer shares more about its recent response to the new law in an op-ed piece that was published in several European newspapers.

Critics Decry Google's Deletion of Links to Comply With EU Courts

Under an EU court order, Google has begun removing links to content deemed objectionable by the subjects of the content. Critics are beginning to fume about the deletions.
Microsoft machine learning

Microsoft Banks on Machine Learning to Boost Search, Security

A better Bing? Machine learning, the secret sauce behind the company's smart services slate, is set to make the company's search and security products even smarter.
HP Autonomy Lawsuit

HP, Shareholders Officially End Litigation Over Autonomy Buy

CEO Meg Whitman and HP board are absolved, but former Autonomy executives will not be exempt from any subsequent litigation.
World Cup

Google Search Experiencing a World Cup Soccer 2014 Search Frenzy

With the FIFA World Cup soccer matches fully under way, here are the current most popular World Cup searches on Google Search.

Google Releases Cayley Open-Source Graph Database

Cayley will be used to help Google continue to refine the idea of linking data together in graph databases, including Google's Knowledge Graph.
Bing integrates Twitter

Bing Search Tightly Integrates Twitter

Bing and Twitter are closer than ever. Microsoft is adding a social twist to its search engine by displaying relevant tweets within main results.

Yahoo's Controversial Board Appointment Dominates Shareholder Meeting

Yahoo's 2013 successes were overshadowed during its shareholder meeting by the controversial appointment of former Walmart CEO H. Lee Scott to its board.
Google My Business

Google Unveils 'Google My Business' to Help Companies Grow

The free, new Google service aims to help business owners connect better with their customers so that their businesses can continue to grow.
Google search

Google Makes It Easier to Search for World Cup Soccer Info

As the World Cup 2014 competition begins today, Google is helping soccer fans stay abreast of all the happenings during the monthlong competition.
mobile search

Google Helps End Mobile User Frustration Over Bad Links

Google offers some how-to fixes for mobile Websites that can appear in Google searches but then not lead to the correct results that are sought by users.

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